The Honest Season

When Sikander Bansi, a political heir tapes six controversial issues involving the Cabinet Ministers and other parties of influence, he is ready to face the consequences, which would not only disturb his political career but would also put the life of Mira Mouli, a noted journalist, at tremendous risk.

These tapes dig deep to expose the corruption in high places of government and politics, and raise questions on the legitimacy of the institutions of governance and democracy. The book, although a fiction, is very close to the truth of the corruption of politicians and the despair of common people.

Through the central character of Mira Mouli, an orphan, the book delves deep into the desperate world of being an unwanted girl in the Indian society. The Honest Season is a major political fiction on India in English, exposing the corruption in India and one of the best online political books to read in 2016.

Paperback (2016)
The Honest Season
Penguin Random House India