Kota Neelima has studied painting techniques at the Arpana Caur’s Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi. Neelima’s paintings are impressionist-abstract and the medium is oil on canvas. She has held four solo exhibitions in Delhi, which have all been part of the process to deconstruct contemporary reality through spirituality. The fourth solo exhibition of her paintings, held in 2012 and titled ‘First Cause,’ was based on the Upanishadic exploration of the cause of all Creation, the cause of all causes. Three works from this series are on display at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. Besides the solo exhibitions, her paintings have been featured in art shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pondicherry. Her work is also part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Sacred Art, Belgium.

Neelima’s Fifth solo exhibition ‘What Eyes Can See’ took place in September 2015 and continues her inquiry into causation by contemporary and critical understanding of questions from ancient Indian texts. The artist follows an elaborate process of making the works, which begins with extensive research of texts, followed by charcoal drawings on paper, before finally converting them to oil paintings.

International Exhibition on Forms of Devotion: Art and Spirituality in India today at Sala Municipal De Exposiciones De Las Francesas in Valladolid, September 2, 2016, to September 25, 2016.

International Exhibition on Spirituality, ‘Forms of Devotion’ at China Art Museum in Shanghai- November 6, 2015 till February 22, 2016.

Remains of Ayodhya

Her works in Remains of Ayodhya is a pertinent exhibition in the artistic explorations of Kota Neelima. It opened in January 2017 at the Alliance Francaise. The Exhibition seeks to represent the absence of the point of reference in Ayodhya that equates it with any particular place of worship. It powerfully re-conceptualises Ayodhya in the mind of the travelers of various religions and frees it from its ritualistic terrotorialisation and traditional demarcation.

Some group shows and auctions where her work was featured in last 10 years:

  • Sanjha Safar, International Federalism Conference, Government of India in 2007
  • Harmony Art Show held in Mumbai, 2008
  • Khushii Foundation’s show in Bengaluru, 2008
  • Legends of India-ICCR Exhibition in Kolkata, 2008
  • Christie’s India on Canvas in New Delhi, 2009
  • Ati Art Gallery’s India Rising show in New Delhi, 2009
  • ICCR-Seher’s Puducherry Blue in Puducherry, 2010
  • Indian Art Circle’s 10th anniversary show in New Delhi, 2010
  • Art Positive’s Imaging Sai show in Delhi, 2010
  • Forms of Devotion exhibition in New Delhi, 2015
  • Yoga Chakra exhibition in New Delhi, 2015
  • Aparajita The Indomitable Spirit of Woman, India Habitat Centre, Delhi, August 28, 2015 to September 1, 2015
  • The Epic Journey of Indian Art, Contemporary Art Exhibition:
    – National Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, October 18, 2016 to October 23, 2016.
    – Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, January 23-24, 2017.

Solo exhibitions of the artist in the last 11 years:

Tree of Brahma
at China Art Museum in Shanghai
Friday, November 6, 2015