Founded by author, artist and journalist Kota Neelima, the Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to the pursuit of truth beyond facts through literature, art, and research. The mandate of the Institute is to challenge accepted norms and concepts of art and literature through new research into political, social and economic realities of India. We undertake in-depth, facts driven, research aimed at unveiling the popular and dominant narratives as ‘truth’. We seek to bring plurality of thoughts and voices, understood through lens of intersectionality, to initiate informed discourses.

The StudioAdda is independently funded Institute, that provides a robust and unbiased space for the scholars to conduct and research with complete autonomy. The Institute does not take collective position on issues and strives to remain a neutral space for critical engagement.

We have worked on contentious issues of –

  • Degrees’ of widow’s invisibility vis-à-vis State and community, through our in-depth research on surviving widows of farmers in Vidarbha;
  • Electoral reforms in India- the impact of the centralised electoral system on democracy and voter’s perception; and the
  • Site of Ayodhya- a series studies on the political, sociological, and popular perception about the conflict from within and from the outside. While nurturing scholarly excellence, we are aimed at production of high quality, seminal research work, which stirs the conventional politics and society.
  • We are equipped to plunge into the newer realms of Academics, Art and Literature. StudioAdda is deeply interested to work on the issues related to Gender, Conflict, Reconciliation, Migration, and Politics amongst the range of other pertinent issues. For the purpose of same, we adopt diverse research methodologies with special emphasis on mixed methodology for deeper understanding of alternative narratives. Our Qualitative Research includes Ethnography, Phenomenology, Grounded Theory, Historical Research, Archival Research, and Case Study.

    StudioAdda is aspiring to explore unexploited research domains. We look forward to the possible collaborations, and funding to undertake critical research.