Tirumala, Sacred Foods of God

  • Why should food be offered to God?
  • What is the meaning of prasadam?
  • What do devotees gain by visiting temples?

Questions like these are answered in ‘Tirumala, Foods of God’ that provides the ancient wisdom behind the ritual of offering food to God with a modern perspective. Sacred food offerings to God are the most personal and the most affectionate manifestation of human devotion. Vedic texts prescribe the various sacred foods, along with their ingredients, recipes, and even the measure in which the offerings can be made.Food offerings to God at the Tirumala Temple of Lord Sri Venkateshwara is a tradition that has been followed for over 2000 years. For the first time ever, the details of this ritual are revealed in the book, along with its significance, history and practice inside the temple today. The book also provides a simplified method of preparation of the sacred foods, which can be replicated by devotees in their households.

Hardbound (2016)
Tirumala, Sacred Foods of God
Roli Books