Forms of Devotion – Kota Neelima

Kota Neelima is a painter, journalist, and author. Writer of a book on the famous Tirupati Temple and two novels on rural India, she learnt painting initially at the Academy of Fine Arts and Literature in New Delhi, and refined her skills through consistent practice. In an imagery that has traversed from nature-scapes to abstraction and increasingly now impressionist-abstraction, her palette is subtle and her medium primarily oil on canvas. Following her first solo exhibition in Delhi in 2006, Neelima’s work has been exhibited in other solo and group shows at Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. She has participated in various outreach events including those organized by the International Federalism Conference, and Legends of India, organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Her works are part of personal art collections in India and Europe. Kota lives and works in Delhi.