“The room felt damp, it had just been swept and smelt of disinfectant, a smell he could remember anywhere in the world. It stung him every morning, when he entered the long corridor that led to the cabin at the end. He could also recognise the silence anywhere in the world. He could pick out this kind of silence amidst a million silences. Like the silence within oneself, distinct from every other and personal… ‘Good Morning Sir!’ Ari glanced up and greeted the attendant Ajay, assigned to the three cabins at the end of the corridor, of which his was one. ‘How are you today, Sir? ’ asked the attendant, still smiling. Ari knew it was the morning hour; everyone was fresh and relaxed just an hour or so since they had a good breakfast with their children or wife or parents or….television like him. It made people talkative and friendly. It used to have the same impact on him, but not today. ‘Very well, will you get my mail please? ’ He even smiled back at him but knew that his voice was edgy. It sent the man hurrying away and Ari winced, unhappy with himself. He slumped in his chair, tired already of the day. The computer blinked, checked itself, welcomed him and displayed the opening window. Ari logged in, waited as the screen filled up with Monday morning messages and opened the first one……”