Theme by Kota Neelima

Echoing Life of Nature

By Kota Neelima

It is about the things that come to us unconditionally. Things that we inherit equally and evenly. These are glimpses of the things that will always belong to us, no matter whatever else we might lose or gain. They shall always wait for us, however involved we may be in our successes and failures.

These are not just the sun, trees, the moon and water. These are reassurances. We all live at a distance from these comfort zones in our urban illusions. But deep down each one of us returns, even for a small moment at the end of a busy day, to that corner in our minds that reassures us. These works are a few attempts to portray the essence of our inner peace.

After 12 years in full-time journalism, the artist has given in to the long-felt desire to capture more than the truth. The medium is oil on canvas: The Essence.